Getting wrecked by MEV?
Swap with protection on

A frontrunning and sandwich resistant AMM with gas-efficient VDF proofs.

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don't lose ground to bots

Level the Playing Field with VDFs

Bots are constantly scanning the mempool for vulnerable AMM swaps that can be pushed to their slippage limits by frontrunning your transaction with complementary swaps, leading to a worse final rate for you.

MEV ResistantVDFs slow bots down so your swap has a better chance of settling at your quoted rate.

Gas-efficient ConstructionOnly ~5-10k more gas than than vanilla Uniswap V2.

Trustless OperationYou generate your own proof and our permissionless contracts verify it transparently and objectively.

Based on Uniswap V2An industry-leading and secure AMM model.

How it works

We forked Uniswap v2 and require a lightweight VDF proof on all swaps.

What's a VDF?
A Varifiable Delay Function is an easily provable cryptographic primitive that proves someone has performed sequential work that takes real time.
How did the project start?
As a hackthon project for EthDenver 2022